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About Security in Color

Security in Color was created by Dominique West, a cybersecurity professional and advocate for universal security awareness. Started in 2019, Security in Color is a media platform that aims to uncomplicate the cybersecurity industry and make security education accessible to everyone.

Hi!  I’m Dominique and I am the founder of Security in Color. What started off as just a small project to help educate my family and friends about cybersecurity has now turned into a mission to make cybersecurity education accessible to everyone, no matter your tech skill level. In a society that is heavily relying on advanced technologies in every aspect of our lives, understanding how this will impact our privacy and security as consumers is paramount. So browse around and stay awhile – you can catch up on the latest news with our weekly cybersecurity podcast or check out our latest blog posts. If you are looking for career resources in the cybersecurity field, check out our newsletter or the event calendar. Or if you need more 1:1 career coaching, schedule a call or email me directly below. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

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