• Dominique

Caution When Filling Up At The Gas Station

Starting in October 2020, Gas stations will become liable if credit-card skimmers defraud victims at their stations.

Currently, when you use your credit card at a gas station it is considered a non-encrypted transaction. Meaning the information on your card - such as the credit card numbers, pin, expiration date - are being transported plain-as-day through their network for processing. Only when you pay for gas inside the store does the transaction require chip & pin or signature safety mechanism. With this deadline upcoming, gas station owners are not the only ones ramping up for the change as cybercriminals are looking to take advantage as quickly as possible before more security measures are placed at the gas pump.

This change is due to a major shift in policy that took place back in October 2015. There is a universal, and very strict, policy for credit card transactions known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard aka PCI-DSS. This standard now states that liability for credit card fraud falls upon the party that doesn't enforce chip-based transactions, meaning the average local gas station. Gas station owners were given a two-year extension due to the high costs and resources it takes to implement these new security measures but now the deadline is quickly approaching.

So next time you pay for gas at the pump, make sure to tug-and-pull on the credit card machine to make sure it isn't fake.


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