• Dominique

This Hacker is a Drake Fan; Uses Lyrics in Attack

A hacker, with a sense of humor and love for Drake, decided that he was going to include some lyrics from the hit song "In My Feelings" in an attack designed to install an information-stealing software on victims computers.

The attack is delivered by email, with the subject line that indicates urgency and a call to action, I am sure trying to force the victim into believing they need to open the email immediately. If opened, the email will have two PowerPoint attachments that will automatically run a script on your device. This script runs through a series of commands, including reaching out to a shortened URL as a way to circumvent browser protection controls, that ultimately decides whether it is going to download 1 of 2 deceitful software designed to access your device and data without permission. If the code downloaded from that URL is successful, it translates itself into a script that contains the line "Keke Do You Love Me."

Though unclear how successful these attacks and campaign has been in reality, it is a bit interesting to find one that references pop culture.

There is a more technical deep-dive published by AppRiver if you are interested in learning more.


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