• Dominique

Pro-Iran Hackers Deface U.S Government Website

If you navigated to the government FDLP website a few days ago you would have seen a bloodied picture of President Donald Trump being assaulted and pro-Iran messages, placed there by hackers.

The FDLP, also known as the Federal Depository Library Program, is a website where the U.S government makes publications available to the public for free. This comes at an opportune time as tensions between the United States and Iran heat up because of recent events that led to the death of an Iranian top commander. The website has since been taken down while CISA, also known as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch that is in charge of leading efforts to enhance the security of the federal government, has stated that there is no confirmation that this was an act of Iranian state-sponsored actors.

The cause of this website defacement was due to a misconfiguration in their CMS (content management system) that allowed them to upload the pictures and messages that read "this is only small part of Iran's cyber ability! We're always ready...to be continued". A bulletin released by the DHS last Friday mentioned that “Iran is capable, at a minimum, of carrying out attacks with temporary disruptive effects against critical infrastructure in the United States, The Department of Homeland Security is working closely with our federal, state, local, and private sector partners to detect and defend against threats to the Homeland, and will enhance security measures as necessary.”

It can't be understated that future cyber threats should be a top priority as state-back attackers, and bored opportunists, look for weak and insecure digital infrastructure to attack.


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